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Your own corporate website with Webador

What's the first thing you do when you want to know something? Exactly, Google it! Your potential customers will also want to find you online. Whether you're self-employed or in charge of a bigger company, a corporate website is indispensable in this day and age.

A professional website is your company's online business card. Visitors can find you online and read more about your products and services. Creating a business website is very easy with Webador.

Why is a corporate website so important?

You may be asking yourself why it's so important to have your own website. After all, you've managed without one so far. A visible online presence is crucial, however - it's your first point of contact with your target audience and potential new customers.

Build a corporate website with Webador

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to quickly and easily create a professional website. Working with professional designers, we've created various templates that you can use for free in our website builder. Plus, if you purchase a paid Webador subscription, you get your own business email address.

With these advantages, you'll have a website or webshop set up in no time, and your customers will easily be able to find you online. Whether it's via mobile, computer, or tablet, your website will be accessible from anywhere and can rank higher on Google.

Your own domain name

Tips for a corporate website

So, you're ready to launch your online presence. You can quickly and easily build your website with Webador, and we've got some tips to help get you off to a good start:

  • Check if your company name is available as a domain name and register it
  • Think carefully about who your target audience is and build your website with those customers in mind
  • Link to your social media channels too, so your customers can follow you there
  • Post new content for your visitors on a regular basis

Follow these tips to build a finished website and establish an online presence that helps your target audience find you more easily.

Is corporate blogging a good idea?

More and more companies, in addition to having a website, are writing business blogs. Blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise. However, a blog is not an advertisement, so make sure your blog posts provide valuable information for your readers.

It's also important to distinguish between news announcements and blog posts. In news announcements you can share information about your company, while blog posts should aim to inspire and inform the reader.

Making time to keep a corporate website or blog up to date is important. Make sure you update your content and publish new posts on a regular basis to maintain a good rank on Google and keep your customers engaged.

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