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5 stars
4.6 based on 1,670 reviews
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  • 5 stars 3 hours ago
    Fantastic Platform

    Cannot rate Webador highly enough! The platform is so easy and enjoyable to use, everything you need is right there, integration of SEO is super slick, transfering my domain name was a simple 2 step process and was done in under 2 hours... Amazing service!

    McCarthy Media Group
  • 5 stars 11 hours ago
    Great for the price

    great for the price. I have the free version so it is great for that. everything works fast and easy editing.

  • 5 stars 20 hours ago
    I was a bit clueless in the beginning…

    I was a bit clueless in the beginning but after locating the tutorial video located under "HELP" the rest was a piece of cake. I love my results and I was so proud of myself for creating my own content. I no longer have to over pay anyone to create a website, I can do it myself.

  • 4 stars a day ago
    A really good and easy system to use

    A really good and easy system to use. I found the video tutorials really helpful.

  • 5 stars a day ago
    Ideal for the beginners.

    Easier to use than some of the other platforms. Clean interface. I'll keep it simple. Way better than wix and something like WordPress. Something in between. Sweet spot for average user.

    Faustas L.
  • 5 stars a day ago
    Great platform!Easy to use.You have…

    Great platform!Easy to use.You have website completed in half hour.Strictly recommend!

  • 5 stars a day ago
    Such a great platforma for designing…

    Such a great platforma for designing your own website. Thank you sooo much!!!

  • 4 stars 2 days ago
    It’s okay! Please read webador

    It’s good!! But your tittle is “free online website maker” so I think more features should be free... One thing that I really didn’t like was that my website had to be (my website name)!!! I think with all the other stuff you give to premium- you should have at least givin me that! Nobody is going to look up my website with webador behind it!! So now the only way to get that website out there is with cards or signs!! Great! That’s exactly what I needed!!! But besides this it is a pretty good website!

  • 5 stars 3 days ago
    Very good and easy to make a website…

    Very good and easy to make a website with.

  • 5 stars 3 days ago
    I am quite setisfied with the options…

    I am quite setisfied with the options Webador offers me for websites. It's easy to handle and begginer-friendly, I highly reccomend it for everybody! :)

  • 5 stars 3 days ago
    Good Service, pretty easy to manage.

  • 4 stars 4 days ago
    I am starting my own business

    I am starting my own business and needed to have a website. Through Webador it was so easy to build what I wanted and you can make changes continuously

    Beryl Mayhew
  • 5 stars 5 days ago
    Great support

    Maureen Blair -Laing
  • 5 stars 5 days ago
    Excellent functionality

    Excellent functionality. CleR help and extremely good templates.

  • 4 stars 6 days ago
    Webadore is very easy to use

    Webadore is very easy to use. I’d like a few more sizes of font but other than that, I found it easier even than Weebly and definitely easier than Wix.

    Kelly Josephine
  • 5 stars 7 days ago
    A very easy site to make a website

    A very easy site to make a website, they give you all you need ,no Other software needed.

  • 4 stars 7 days ago
    Great site

    Great site, I built my new website in a couple of hours. Very easy to navigate, and they don't charge an arm and a leg!

  • 5 stars 8 days ago

    this is the best website builder you can get.

  • 5 stars 8 days ago
    I tried lots off different websites…

    I tried lots off different websites builders then whilst at the end of my teather came across webador and it was the only one I was actually able to build a website with, I'm still learning but quite proud of it too!

  • 5 stars 9 days ago
    Great site for beginners

    Great site for beginners. Difficult to navigate at times, but finally figured it out. I liked the many visual options it gives.

    Juana Sperling
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